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Jersey Shore: I’m in Miami Dick

July 4, 2010 1 comment

The trailer for season two of Jersey Shore was released this week, and I am excited that the greatest sociological experiment of our time is continuing.

What makes Jersey Shore an interesting case study?

Most reality shows have some pretense of respectability, and they usually have a few “jersey shore” type characters with a bunch of “normal” people. Jersey Shore is made up entirely of people who are willing to instigate “drama”; thus, making it a new type of reality experience.

Plus, they know people largely watch expecting the low brow, and they relish in it.

MTV had a brilliant marketing strategy sending clips to sites like Gawker before the show even premiered. Like Bravo, I believe, MTV is targeting wealthy urbanites with this show. Jersey Shore is like a 19th century cabinet of curiosity, full of the exotic. The upper classes have long enjoyed viewing “the other” from the comfort of their homes, and this is the appeal of Jersey Shore.

Is this exploitation? Of course it is; however, the cast of Jersey Shore is completely aware of the narrative behind the show and as many other pop cultural icons they are able to turn the table on the audience.

As I have stated numerous times on this blog, I relish in watching what people perceive to be “low culture”. Thus, I will be watching July 29th, and I suspect most of you will be too (even if you refuse to admit it).

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Jersey Shore Does Twilight

Today the New York Times had a piece on their blog regarding a new parody video created by Jimmy Kimmel with the cast of Jersey Shore. Of course the NYT could not possibly admit to liking this example of “low culture”. The writer of the NYT’s blog states:

Yet, as we post this video out of a sense of national obligation, we’re not quite sure how we feel about the clip

On this blog, I have not problem stating my love for so-called “low culture”, and I find this video one of the most hilarious things I have seen in a long time. This is a version of Twilight I can finally get behind!